Latam and Avianca airlines announced that their flights are planned for the afternoon and evening route on Friday, November 17. El Dorado airport may experience significant delays, rescheduling, or even cancellations.

They explain that unexpected events arose when Aerocivil rearranged air traffic at the airport in the nation’s capital this Friday.

“For passengers with flights from or to Bogota today Those who wish to request a change in their travel itinerary can reschedule their flights on the same route.for the next three (3) days without any additional charges and subject to seat availability,” Latam airline explains in a statement.

Meanwhile, for canceled flights, Latam invites its users to accept the new travel plan suggested by the airline, as well as choose a new date without paying any additional fees or refunding the ticket price.

“For this, We invite you to manage your trip yourself by visiting the My Travels section at or in the Latam App.“Explains the airline.

Meanwhile, Avianca reported that there may be delays of up to four hours in its flights.

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“We recommend (users) to check the status of airports in the country and the status of their flights via and the app,” Avianca says on its social networks.

On your own account There were delays due to operational reasons. We are working to reduce the impact. Contact your airline to anticipate possible changes in travel plans.

EL TIEMPO consulted with Aerocivil and explained that some situations arose this Friday morning. Although they say operations are now picking up, some of it may be left behind.

This newspaper confirmed that flight delays and possible cancellations are due to Aerocivil’s Ground Delay Programme, a strategy it has been implementing since 2021. It is used when the airport’s space capacity is exceeded.

According to the IATA information portal, the Ground Delay Program is an air traffic flow management measure (ATFM) in which aircraft remain grounded, implemented by Aerocivil’s air traffic units in order to manage capacity and demand in a given volume of airspace or at a particular airport. In other words, while traffic is rearranged, departure is also rescheduled.


Source: Exame

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