Two messaging apps that are reference in the market are WhatsApp and Telegram. The latter is testing a new feature that allows users to improve quick replies, one of the things they use the most. We show you what it is.

this quick answers These are a very useful option because in the application it is possible to simply show what the message received in a group or within a group means, by means of picture-type contents, without having to touch anything. chat. It is quite successful, currently available in almost all messaging apps.

Changes Telegram is working on

To date, emojis are used in this application, as in its big competitor (which has long had this option, it must be said). The utility of these is great for taking full advantage of quick responses. But they want to go on Telegram one step further and launched the possibility to use more items in the new test version of its app (especially 8.9.0). And the truth is, it’s a very good idea.

Among the new options Telegram users will have are stickers or stickers. Therefore, the possibilities are expanded, since even the animated ones available in Telegram (and in most cases with text) can be used. As a result, users will be able to be much more precise when responding quickly.

New options in Telegram quick responses


By the way there will be no limitation They will be able to choose from among, because all collections of such content available in the application will be available. Not bad, really.

Will this option come to all users?

The truth is, this is a doubt you might have as you have to keep in mind that there is currently a release. Prize In Telegram, In addition, the information resource uses this option. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that, at least initially, those who have such accounts can expand their possibilities using quick replies.

It makes sense for Telegram to try to improve its premium version, since any incoming improvements cost little, but the ideal is this: to go forward don’t always fall on the same side. If so, those using the free version of the app will risk rejecting it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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