OPPO is one of the smartphone brands that has made significant progress in recent years. What is the strategy of this brand and what can we expect from it? We asked Jane Yan, marketing manager, and Marc van den Dool, sales manager.


What is the vision behind the OPPO brand? Jane responds with a beautiful philosophical spell, as they might find in China. We leave it untranslated for a moment, as the English sentence is more beautiful than the Dutch: “Our Mission: ‘Technology for Humanity, Good for the World’. In Chinese we call our philosophy BenFen (本分), which means we see it as our duty to be good to the world and our customers.”

Marc van den Dool from OPPO.


Two representatives of the smartphone brand complement each other and start talking about the market. It is sometimes difficult to be distinctive because of the multitude of brands. That’s why they want to achieve steady growth and take their time: “Our solution is to work hard on technology and product development to keep up with the changing world and differentiate ourselves. This is reflected in the introduction of Find N, the first proprietary chip, our latest award-winning foldable solution – imaging processor MariSilicon X, 240W flash charging solution and OPPO Air Glass. Our philosophy helps us stay focused and stay positive despite the sometimes difficult situation. We will continue to focus on the future.”

folding phone

This naturally raises the question of how the brand sees the future. Marc is releasing the foldable Find N phone. Many manufacturers are working on foldable devices and so is OPPO. The sales manager explains that a smartphone is a very important device for many people. While foldable phones offer new possibilities, the brand has chosen not to offer them on a large scale yet. Find N is a phone you use when opened in landscape mode. The phone was praised for its robustness. Marc reveals a funny fact: “We tested the folding extensively. You can fold the device a hundred times a day for five years.” Adds Jane: “The folding mechanism we developed makes the folding eighty percent less visible than other devices. It is manufactured with extreme precision; Accurate to exactly 0.01mm.”

Eight different phones were developed for the promotion of Find N. That’s why OPPO invests in front of and behind the scenes to bring a reliable and innovative product to market. Phones that were never released were essentially models to gain experience in the long run. Ultimately, the brand wants to offer affordable, robust and user-friendly devices. The developments that the brand focuses on are smart glasses and foldable phones.

OPPO offers something for everyone.

broad line

That’s the vision for the slightly longer term, but what will we see in the short term? Jane states that the brand has three series: the A series, where it offers entry-level phones, the mid-range Reno series and the more luxurious Find series. The second line has been upgraded recently, but other lines will also be upgraded. According to Jane, OPPO is targeting the general public and wants its devices to be sold in different ways; in both physical and online stores, as well as through providers and their own websites. This is unlike other brands that sometimes only focus on a single target group.

More than smartphones

According to two representatives of the brand, we will also see expansions in the wireless headphone market in the near future. OPPO offers a wide range for this, from the relatively simple models, which are sold in the store for around fifty euros, to the more luxurious segment versions for two hundred euros. The ears work together with the famous Danish DynAudio to improve the sound. We can also expect a few things in the smartwatch space, including a new OPPO Watch with a decent display and loads of features.

Source: Hardware Info

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