Business Insider journalists got acquainted with the list of license holders for the FindFace face and silhouette recognition program from the Russian developers of NTechLab and found such resounding brands as Intel, SpaceX, Dell, Philip Morris, Nokia among 1,100 companies and organizations around the world. However, the presence of a license does not mean that companies use the software regularly: many of them simply participated in the tests.

Intel and Nokia do not use FindFace despite being licensed

According to the American edition, more than 60 countries are represented in the database of licensees, and among the structures that have accessed FindFace are, for example, Interpol, the Brazilian police and the Thai army. Many of them use home software, but the big commercial companies have abandoned this idea.

Philip Morris originally planned to use FindFace to recognize the age of customers, but chose a different provider. Intel and Nokia adamantly denied ever working with FindFace.

The presence in the list of licensees of companies that do not use the program, NTechLab representatives simply explained: most of the access holders only tested the software, and the very fact of having a license has nothing to do with the use. actual product. .

“The information contained in the article does not reflect the list of existing NtechLab customers,” representatives of the Russian developer told RBC.

On the other hand, they pointed out that the fact that Business Insider journalists have a list of licensees does not pose any danger to customers in terms of data leakage: there was nothing like that in the company.

Founded in 2015 by Alexander Kabakov and Artem Kukharenko, NTechLab now has around 300 active clients in more than 20 countries. True, in early July, the co-founders left the company, losing their majority stake and leaving the board of directors.

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Source: RB

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