Apple Watch has been paying attention to watches in the world for several years. Even conventional quartz models with hands and digital dials are sold in smaller quantities today. I myself have been wearing a gadget on my wrist for five years, no less.

It seems that Apple smartwatches are too familiar an adventure that can no longer surprise – everyone is too used to them. However, in the assortment of their chips there are still interesting nuances that can really surprise.

This material has collected 20 quirky Apple Watch features. Some seem strange, but all the more interesting.

1. In the “Meeting Center” you can meet with the assembly of the fist.

You can choose another action

▶︎ What to do: select Info Center from View → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch → Hand Gestures → Pinch.

On the iPhone, tapping on the back is similar.

You can choose the setting of the action that will be launched after a series of touches.

2. Double fist clenching is suitable for opening the Dock menu

It is convenient when the selected software is here

▶︎ What to do: select Dock from Watch menu → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch → Hand gestures → Double pinch.

With this technique, you can surprise anyone.

3. By the way, it is logical to show selected software in the Dock

I mostly miss a couple of favorite apps

▶︎ What to do: select Favorites from the View menu → Dock, and then the application list.

Recent running applications – often found not for smartwatches, most often just a couple of programs are used.

4. Bringing fingers together can launch “Control Point”

“Control Point” is also desirable to pre-clean

▶︎ What to do: select Control Center from the watch menu → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch → Hand gestures → Pinch.

speed will then be convenient to run some quick action.

5. Dual finger input is suitable for assistant launch

Ideal for those who actively use Siri

▶︎ What to do: select Siri from Watch menu → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch → Hand gestures → Double pinch.

Launching the assistant is much more convenient than long-pressing the Digital Crown.

6. Apple Watch intentionally displays the wrong time

A great opportunity not to be late for a meeting

▶︎ What to do: choosing a deviation from real time in the menu “Settings” → “Watch” on the Apple Watch itself.

This function is known, but it understands literally everyone.

Who would have thought that such a feature would be implemented on smart watches.

7. Watch notifications can be silenced with the palm of your hand

It will be enough just to open the screen for a couple of seconds

▶︎ What to do: select the option “Cover to off. sound” in the menu View → “Sounds, tactile signals”.

You just need to open the clock, and it will go into silent mode.

An interesting trick that not many people know about.

8. It’s easy to force restart your Apple Watch

Yes, even smartwatches still freeze sometimes

▶︎ What to do: if the Apple Watch is frozen, you need to hold down the side button and the Digital Crown for a few seconds.

Yes, yes, such chips also have a very place on the clock.

Not just for iPhone and Mac

9. Apple Watch can prompt you to close apps

If applications refuse to work normally, they can be closed

▶︎ What to do: it is enough to swipe the application card in the Dock if it offers the latest running ones, and not the favorites.

Hanging applications can be sent to rest. At least temporarily.

10. Use your Apple Watch to unlock your personal Mac

A convenient way to unlock your computer without a fingerprint sensor

▶︎ What to do: toggle the “Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac” toggle in System Menus → Security & Privacy → General.

A cool opportunity that he does not use himself, as he tries not to work in hours at the computer. It’s not that comfortable for me.

However, if you have a Mac without Touch ID, be sure to give it a try.

11. Unlock your watch with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone

While there are no biometric authentication mechanisms on the watch, it is necessary to use iPhone tools

▶︎ What to do: select “Unlock with iPhone” from the menu “Watch” → “Passcode”.

The watch automatically removes the password as soon as the smartphone is unlocked.

12. Know the time of autumn through the haptic feedback of Apple Watch

There are even more than enough options for tactile feedback

▶︎ What to do: a special variant of tactile feedback in the menu Watch → “Clock” → “Time is tactile”.

It’s great that they track time without sound in any conditions.

I like most of all that they beat off every hour so as not to lose time of day during intense professional activities.

13. Get water out of your smartwatch speaker with ultrasonics.

The watch will literally spit water out of its dynamics

▶︎ What to do: Make a note of the waterdrop button in Control Center on your Apple Watch.

Yes, yes, try it, the watch literally spit out water with a loud sound.

14. Apple Watch can get very stylish with black and white frequency range.

Maybe you’ll like it

▶︎ What to do: turn on the Grayscale switch in the Clock → Accessibility menu.

Classic minimalist look.

15. Navigate between the last couple of programs through the Digital Crown

Very handy if multiple games will be repeated

▶︎ What to do: the analogue of Command(⌘) + Tab(⇥) with the computer works through the dual application of the Digital Crown wheel.

An unobvious feature that very few people know about.

16. Many watch faces can be monogrammed with initials.

Another way to customize your favorite gadget

▶︎ What to do: the monogram on the dials is revealed as an extension, and the text is obtained in the menu Watch → “Watches” → “Monogram”.

As a monogram, there can be not only arousal, but also another pair of alternative characters that means something to you.

17. Apple Watch can be worn on any hand and even upside down

Here you can configure all the nuances of wearing the device

▶︎ What to do: you can configure the behavior of the clock, depending on the location, in the menu Clock → “General” → “Clock position”.

I myself often wear the Apple Watch buttons away from my wrist so as not to accidentally press everything in a row.

It’s unusual, but convenient.

18. Smartwatch can quickly start multiple timers

Weird that iPhone can’t use multiple timers

▶︎ What to do: just activate first then one, then another, and a couple more, if necessary.

Timers are very relevant to life.

I set the eggs to boil, boiled, set 6-7 minutes.

Delivery will be in 15 minutes – this can also be fixed.

You need to take a nap an hour during the day to restore strength, the timer will help you wake up.

19. You Can Get Used To Your Watch Faces To Change Them Significantly

Several pregnant dials are formed with the presence of violations – for example, in color.

▶︎ What to do: it is enough to save later to “Files”, and open from there and add it to the Watch application.

Unusual life hack, I’m doing observations.

20. Apple Watch may appear in the bedside clock

The clock can be thrown on the bedside table with the time display

▶︎ What to do: you need to activate “Night mode” in the menu Watch → “Basic”.

Time begins when you put your hand on the nightstand.

It’s best to use your Apple Watch overnight with a charge if you want to use it as a night watch.

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