Private investors have appealed to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with a request not to impose restrictions on trading in securities of foreign issuers, writes The Russians want to continue trading shares of Zoom, Intel, Amazon, Netflix and others.

Investors asked the Bank of Russia not to restrict trading in foreign shares

The Bank of Russia explains the restrictions as a desire to protect Russians from infrastructure risks that have arisen due to Western sanctions. Some of the foreign assets have already been blocked in the accounts of more than 5 million Russian retail investors.

Investors see the Central Bank’s initiative not as a concern, but as a violation of their rights.

“The restrictions are not yet law, but the Central Bank has already proposed to brokers and exchanges to suspend sales of foreign securities to unqualified investors,” say the investors in their appeal, which was signed by more than 10,000 people.

On July 20, the Central Bank presented a concept to improve the protection of retail investors. It implies the suspension of the sale of foreign securities to unqualified investors.

The Bank of Russia also proposed to increase the amount of assets needed to qualify as a qualified investor from 6 to 30 million rubles.


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Source: RB

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