Ezra Miller is under the microscope again. This time, not for attacking people in Hawaii, but for breaking into a private residence to rob. According to a Stamford (Vermont) police report that collects Diversity, the actor broke into the house while his owners were away to steal some bottles of alcohol. After authorities checked the cameras in the house, they were able to identify Miller.

Although the crime took place on May 1, it was not until Sunday, August 7, that the police found Miller, who was ordered come to pity in Vermont Supreme Court on September 26.

This is just another one of the many controversies Ezra Miller has recently been involved in. In March of this year, he was arrested in Hawaii after disturbing the order in a bar. The actor lost his temper and began to insult those present. He took the microphone from a woman who was singing karaoke, and then rushed at a man who was playing darts.

Shortly thereafter, in mid-April, he was arrested again for assault. The aforementioned was at a party and, when asked to leave, threw a chair, which inflicted a wound on the woman’s forehead. It is worth noting that he was also involved in a traffic accident on the island, in which he refused to cooperate with the authorities.

Ezra Miller, possible cult leader

On the other hand, a report on business insider showed that Ezra Miller may have led a cult in Iceland. The aforementioned source was able to talk to some of the women who were with the actor in that country and who were supposedly forced to leave their families. However, the actor began to behave aggressively, up to psychological violence against them.

“No one was allowed to disagree with Ezra. His reality painted the reality of everyone else. There was no room for anyone’s opinions or feelings,” said the witness, who was in the residence rented by Miller. Another mentioned, “Ezra was super manipulative. We were all in his hands. He could distort everything I thought I knew about the world.”

Other witnesses described abnormal behavior Ezra Miller; as well as putrid stench and generally negligence in hygiene and personal image.

In addition to the attacks in Hawaii, Ezra Miller also behaved strangely in the United States. For example, over the past six months he wears a bulletproof vest and a gun because he is afraid of being followed by FBI agents and members of the Ku Klux Klan.. Why the last? In January, Miller threatened to kill them via video link.

Ezra Miller’s current state is quite disturbing, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone around him who can give him support. “I think Ezra is allowed all of this because of his fame, wealth, earning potential, being white, and his beauty. It’s very difficult to get involved when someone has as many resources as Ezra. people tell you no. I think these things can be really dangerous,” longtime family friend Miller said, adding:

“People in Ezra’s life really mourn the person they’ve lost. Because they don’t believe that this person will come back.”

Despite numerous scandals with Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. does not intend to discontinue Flash.

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