Alkor & Co., owner of L’Etoile stores, has increased its stake in the Podruzhka cosmetics chain from 90% to 100%. Podruzhka’s leadership will also change: Stanislav Melinger, a former top manager at jewelry maker Adamas, will become the new CEO.

The owner of “L’Etoile” completely redeemed the cosmetic network “Podruzhka”

This is reported by Forbes, citing a source, the information is confirmed by data from the Unified State Registry of Legal Entities. The company itself also confirmed the deal.

Alkor and Co became the owner of a 90% stake in the authorized capital of Taber Trade LLC (controls the Podruzhka network) in January 2020. Then 5% of the company remained with the founder of the company, Dmitry Tamurka , another 5%, with its CEO Pavel Smirnov. Now Taber Trade has completely passed over to the owner of L’Etoile stores.

Taber Trade’s management will also change in August: Stanislav Melinger, who previously headed Adamas’ technology development department, will become the new CEO. He will replace one of the company’s founders, Dmitry Tamurka, in this position.

L’Etoile intends to increase the range of both chains, expand “geography, speed and delivery methods” and offer customers “even more attractive prices”, said Tatiana Volodina, general manager of the chain.

Now in Russia there are 287 Podruzhka chain stores, their assortment includes 22 thousand basic items. L’Etoile is represented by 1000 stores in 250 Russian cities, more than 60 thousand products are sold on the company’s market.


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Source: RB

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