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Mark Zuckerberg announces new privacy features for WhatsApp on behalf of Meta


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the floor to announce some new privacy features for its WhatsApp messaging app, among which we highlight silently leaving a group, controlling who sees your WhatsApp status, or blocking screenshots in messages. which can only be viewed once.

Feature rollout to begin this monthhighlighting them in a global campaign he wants to launch for online privacy starting in the UK and India.

“We believe that WhatsApp is the safest place for private conversations. And to draw attention to these new features, we are also launching a global campaign starting in the UK and India.”explains Ami Vora, WhatsApp Product Manager.

This is the announcement you made, of course, via Facebook: WhatsApp is getting new privacy features: leave group chats without telling anyone, control who can see when you’re online, and prevent screenshots in messages. We will continue to create new ways to protect your messages and keep them private. as private and secure as face-to-face conversations.


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As for the news, and how we were saved from the BBC, let’s go in order. First, the possibility control who can see when you are onlinesomething that has been completely open so far, but not with other features like “last connection time”.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that will block screenshots for “see once” messages, to create an additional layer of protection. They are made to be seen only once, so there must be a reason for this.

Whatsapp too this month will allow users to leave groups privately without sending a bulk notification that they are gone. Group admins will still receive a notification, but overall this change should make group navigation smoother and less fiddly, even if everyone eventually finds out about it.

The company added that the introduction of these new features is the result of a new WhatsApp privacy study that found that 72% of people prefer to speak unfiltered, but only 47% feel comfortable doing so in a safe place.

Source: Computer Hoy

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