The iPhone 14 is about to go into mass production, with a launch around the second week of September and a sale later that month. And the truth is that, despite the international crisis and still problems with chips, it won’t affect your production.

So, at least, this is hinted at by Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims that, according to his sources in the production chain, the iPhone 14 will not have the problems that other manufacturers face. And it lies in the fact that although the geopolitical situation worries investors, an Apple analyst says that everything is in order and everything will pass without surprises.

This means that at least the first wave of iPhone sales will not suffer the delays we would see in other what happened to the Apple Watch, which was delayed by almost a month due to supply issues.

And the fact is that in recent weeks, when an analyst pointed out that Apple would start simultaneous production of the iPhone 14 in China and India, some voices indicated that it could be affected by the Taiwan crisis. Especially after the visit to the region of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. most important in the production of many chips and components.

Taiwan crisis won’t affect iPhone 14

Some of the analysts’ concerns were related to Pelosi’s meeting with some of Apple’s suppliers, such as chipmaker TSMC and Taiwanese assembler Pegatron.

This could lead to China blocking shipments from these companies, jeopardizing the initial production phase of the iPhone 14, as Kuo points out. which will not affect the work schedule of the new Apple terminal:

While some investors have recently been concerned that geopolitics could affect the mass production and shipping schedule for iPhone 14 models, my latest survey suggests that there are currently no impacts on the supply chain of iPhone models.

Ming Chi Kuo

If nothing changes regarding the rumors, the iPhone 14 will arrive in four new models With new basic version in Plus/Max sizes. While regular models won’t be much different from the current generation iPhone 13, especially when it comes to chips.

Source: Hiper Textual

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