MegaFon has increased the data transfer speed in Telegram by expanding the bandwidth with the messenger from 400 Gb / s to 1000 Gb / s.

The operator came to this decision due to the fact that 65% of subscribers use the messenger. Within 7 months, mobile traffic on Telegram has doubled compared to the same period last year, while the amount of domestic traffic has almost tripled.

Every fifth MegaFon subscriber uses Telegram every day, so we have tripled the number of communication channels with the messenger’s data centers. Thanks to this, not only maximum data transfer rates are available, but also increased fault tolerance. Now data is transmitted in numerous ways, and in case of problems at one of the communication nodes, the ability to use the service without loss of quality is connected.

— Alexey Titov, CTO of MegaFon

It is noted that due to the increased data transfer speed, it is possible to exchange files even faster, download photos and videos, and make calls in higher quality.

Source: Iphones RU

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