Instagram Reels are all the rage around the world. Short videos quickly became popularand today they are used to produce a wide variety of content, from funny or emotional moments to dance to the sound of the main songs of the moment.

There are several alternatives to find these trending songs on Reels. From searching the social network to using tools to measure the popularity of songs.

It’s even worth checking out what’s going on on the rival platform: TikTok. To make it easy, today TecMundo teaches the main ways to check trending songs on Reels. Payment!

Discovering trending music on Reels by “discovering” Instagram

1. Open Instagram on your smartphone.

2. Press the magnifying glass button to access the “Explore” menu.


3. The next screen displays a series of posts and Reels. along with the most popular videos and photos for your taste. Choose your preferred content.

4. Then, while the reels are running, press the currently playing song located at the bottom of the screen as shown in the picture below.

Click the song to use

5. Then you go to the music screen where the number of posts that have used it is displayed. Press the “Use audio” button to use it in your broadcast as well.

You can record the audio or use it in making a video.

6. On the reel creation screen, use the song from your post.

Discovering hot songs on the reels with popular Instagram sounds

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

2. Press the button to start broadcasting a Reel.

3. On the video production screen, select the option to select a song.

Tap the icon to add song to your video

4. The next screen will show the songs recommended for you and according to your taste; over them are the hot songs from Reels. Drag sideways to control them all.

Drag to the side to browse all the highlights of the moment

5. Choose one of the most popular songs and use it in your videos.

Discovering trending music on the Reels via TokBoard

1. Access the TokBoard website.

2. The main screen of the portal will show the main songs used for the week. Notice that below each song’s name is data that shows whether the song’s popularity has risen or fallen. Besides, you can see the number of views (from views) What are you buying videos using the corresponding audio.

Tokboard shows you the most popular songs of the moment

3. Click on a song to access more data.

4. On the Sound page, you can view a popularity graph that shows whether the selected sound is increasing in popularity or decreasing in terms of views.

Songs have charts with a timeline of their popularity

5. From these data, get an idea of ​​what’s really popular these days even what could explode very soon.

6. Finally, copy the name of the song and play it in Instagram voice search to use in your content.

Discovering Hot Music on Reels from TikTok

1. Open the TikTok app on your mobile device.

2. Press the button with the “+” symbol to start producing new content.

3. Select “Add Sound”.

The button to add songs to your video is at the top of the screen

4. A set of songs used in the social network and several lists from different categories will appear. Scroll until you find the “Best BR” list and select “View All”.

Click option to view full ranking

5. The most used songs will appear on the platform; Select one by pressing the song icon.

6. You will be directed to the content creation screen; Edit the video there and save it to your phone’s gallery when it’s ready.

7. Use the same video on Instagram Reels where it will automatically recognize the song, and you can combine it with other content developed with that song.

Now that you know how to find hot music on the Reels, choose your favorite sound and use it in your next Instagram posts. keep following TecMundo and be aware of other tutorials like this one!

Source: Tec Mundo

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