Good morning! We’ve separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you know everything that happened last Tuesday (19). Just click on the links below to browse all of the news.

1. Mercado Livre and Gol will deliver up to 2 days in more regions. The North and Northeast regions in addition to South, Southeast and Manaus will have free market deliveries of up to two days in partnership with Gol.

2. iFood is being investigated for alleged campaigning against deliverers. Following Agência Pública’s report, the Federal Public Ministry launched an investigation into iFood for violating the rights of deliverers.

3. Survey says Claro is the leader in the fastest mobile internet ranking. Ookla’s research also reveals cell phones and Brazilian cities with the best connection speeds.

4. Malware simulates Windows 11 download to steal data. A first in the market, Malware has advanced hiding mechanisms in the system and can even extract codes from cryptocurrency wallets.

5. Uber no longer requires masks for drivers and passengers in the US. Starting this week, the use of protective equipment on trips is optional for Uber drivers and passengers.

6. MPF asks WhatsApp if it is possible to launch Communities only in 2023. MPF fears that the new feature will be used to spread fake news on WhatsApp as Communities will unite thousands of people.

7. NASA probe finds ice crater on Mars; see picture. The HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter space probe captured bright blue dots on the red planet’s icy surface.

8. Jane Foster’s Thor is a new playable character from Marvel’s Avengers. If you’ve hit the fire with the new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, you’ll now be able to play as Jane Foster in Square’s Avengers!

9.9 of the most watched series on HBO Max. The HBO Max stream arrived in Brazil in June last year and is among the top five most subscribed streams in the country; See 9 of the service’s most-watched original series!

10. Zombies: What is the true origin of the undead? Religious beliefs are the basis of zombie stories,

Source: Tec Mundo

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