The owner of “Beeline” bought the advertising platform OTM (“Online Technologies and Media”). Vimpelcom emphasized that the acquisition will allow them to strengthen their positions in the AdTech market, which the company described as strategically important.

The owner of “Beeline” bought an OTM advertising platform

The deal was reported in the press service of Vimpelcom, the company did not disclose the amount.

Veon Ventures (the company that owns VimpelCom, which owns the Beeline brand) in 2021 bought a majority stake in Programmatic Holding LLC, which is the parent structure of OTM. This share was bought by VimpelCom, increasing its participation in the capital of OTM to 100%.

“The result of the transaction was the creation of a company that provides full-range advertising services, from full-service to self-service, based on data from a telecom operator,” said Maxim Zaikov, executive vice president of corporate business at Beeline. . .

OTM will remain an independent operating company and will continue to be led by the current management team.

With the help of the OTM platform solution, algorithmic ad buys can be made. The guidance is based on Big Data tools collected from various sources.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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