There are countless websites on the Internet where we can spend time sitting in front of a computer, not knowing what to do. Social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook; streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+; Media, gaming sites, Wikipedia and many other platforms. However, we end up consuming so much content that we get tired of it, no matter how many shows there are on Netflix, no matter how much information we can read in the internet’s most popular encyclopedia. We always get tired of it. Luckily, there are many other not-so-famous websites that allow us to take a break from the ones that are so common. One of them is Neil.Fan.

Neil.Fan This is a really simple website. It consists of different sections where the user can navigate and interact in a really intuitive way.. There are no ads, no paid features, no constant offers to support the project or subscribe to it. Newsletter receive updates – although you can do both if you want. In fact, there is not even information about the creator. To find the person who created this project, you need to surf the web for a bit (or hit the donate button).

It was Neil Agarwaldeveloper who designed (and continues to design) Neil.Fan. Agarwal, in fact, devoted part of his time to creating small websites that not only allow users to be entertained, but also to inform and educate them in various fields. For example, Agarwal himself mentions in an interview on the website Product search that “The Deep Sea”, a section in which one can learn what is in the depths of the ocean, “is used in classrooms and has been presented in some museums and exhibitions.” As a result, all these small and interesting projects came together in Neil.Fan. In addition to the “Deep Sea”, there are other really interesting sites.

The fun part of


Neil.Fantherefore has two tasks: inform and entertain. And in some cases, the projects of the aforementioned site perform both tasks. But let’s start with those sections where you can, first of all, have fun. one of my favorite Absurd cart problemswhich allows rpractical decisions about life and death. In this game, the user must choose who to save from a collision with a runaway tram.

It begins, for example, with the question of whether it would be better to let five people die, or instead to pull a lever to deflect the tram and kill one person instead of all five. The solutions get more complex and weird as the user progresses to the next levels.. There is actually one where the following is asked.

“Oh no! The tram is heading towards the guy. You can pull the lever to redirect it to another path, but then your Amazon package will be late. What are you doing?”

In this out of 1,161,436 votes at the time of this writing, 87% agree with me that it is better to delay sending Amazon.. The remaining 12% – probably for the sake of humor – would prefer to receive the package on time.. Of course, this is a question that leads to an obvious solution. However, others are questioning. Like, for example, the following.

“Oh no! The tram is heading to your best friend. You can pull the lever to redirect it to a different path, killing 5 strangers instead. What are you doing?”

Earth Reviews is another fun project created by Neil Agarwal for Neil.Fan. In this it is possible Get an opinion on almost everything on Earth. From toothpaste to spring, beard, spicy food or acne. The last one, with really negative reviews such as this one: “Stubborn, pus-filled patches of confidence on the skin shell. I could do without this glitch.”

Spend Bill Gates Money, Other Curious Projects We Can See in Neil.Fanalso very funny. Here Agarwal offers us the opportunity purchase various products with all the assets of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. You can also buy a different amount of one product: from a hamburger for 2 euros to a Boeing 747 for 148 million euros. The counter goes up as the user adds items to their cart.

Beyond jokes and games


Do not leave indifferent and projects aimed at informing or discovering rarities. One of my favorites is Deep Sea, which allows you to discover what is in the depths of the ocean visually in a very appealing way that makes you want to keep doing scroll depth up to 10,924 meters. As you travel, the site displays a variety of marine animals, living creatures, and other underwater species, as well as various ocean-related curiosities.

The Size of Space is a project similar to The Deep Sea, in this case, of course, related to space, or rather aimed at seeing how the sizes of various space objects, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. are compared.. The user only needs to slide to the side to get an idea, for example, of how the size of an astronaut compares to the Hubble Space Telescope.

“Ten Years Ago” is another of the most interesting sections of the book. Neil.Fan. It allows, in particular, see what some of the most important internet platforms were like 10 years ago. It is curious to see, for example, how Reddit, the Apple website, Amazon or Steam have changed after a decade, or media such as The newspaper “New York Times wave BBC.

Another very interesting feature is Life Stats, which allows you to find out events that have occurred since a certain date. The fun part, in this case, is to enter your date of birth so you can know how many red blood cells you’ve produced since the number of times the Earth has circled the Sun. And then there are the Rocks, which are, well… they are… rocks.

Neil.Fan This is without a doubt one of those websites that deserves a bookmark in our browser and that you should visit from time to time to check if its creator has added another project of the same or even more curious nature.

Source: Hiper Textual

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