Update 8.9 has been released for Telegram on iOS.

It introduced many different innovations. Let’s see what has changed.

Author’s animated emoji

Now Telegram has a platform for creating new small entertaining emojis. You can download your own character packs for Premium members.

You can add them directly to the text of messages or subscribe to photos and videos. Premium users have already managed to get the first 10 animated sets with over 500 emojis. All users will see them.

When typing, the sticker message bar icon changes to an emoji button. When a new emoji panel appears, in which custom sets can be detected and new ones added.

Interactive animated emoji

With many questions, emoji can be combined in separate chats: if either of the interlocutors clicks on a message with an emoji, they will both see a full-screen animation at the same time.

New sticker panel in Telegram for iOS

Now you can quickly switch between sections with stickers, emoji and GIFs.

Blocking voice messages

Now Premium users can prevent voice or video messages from their interlocutors. You can choose between “everyone”, “my contacts” or “no one”.

You can select exceptions that frequently have users or groups of users who are allowed (or never allowed) to send you voice messages.

Opportunity to gift Telegram Premium

Now all the benefits of Telegram Premium can be shared with family and friends by giving them a pre-paid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months.


• 3 months: 890 rubles.
• 6 months: 1490 rubles.
• 12 months: 2699 rubles.

New interactive emoji

There are new interactive emojis that can now be used as a reaction to messages.

So far only for Premium, but they promise soon such an opportunity to everyone.

Source: Iphones RU

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