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Galaxy Z Fold4: Adjust to your life (Tera)


Let your imagination run wild because the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has no limits thanks to its incredible 1TB of storage. This large capacity will allow you to store what you want. without worrying about the space of your mobile phone. Do you want this? Well, you can only find it on

Adapted to its time

It’s undeniable that today smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and the custodians of our memories, so it’s normal that we are increasingly demanding on the amount of memory.

For this reason, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 increases the storage capacity to 1 terabyte (1 TB), take your device to the next level. To get it, you can reserve it exclusively on

Mobile leasing: how does it work?

When we change our mobile phone, we are not only looking for the best model on the market, but we also want to upgrade our smartphone. more often. However, this is not always within our power. Maybe yes? And if you don’t want to pay for it, you can rent one thanks to mobile device rental.


lease is a lease which generally applies to vehicles and includes all maintenance costs in exchange for paying a monthly fee. Now this model also reaches Cell phonesso you can renew your smartphone every year.

so we can new modern smartphones at very affordable prices. In particular, you only need to pay one euro as a down payment, and then the corresponding monthly payments for 12 or 18 months. From the first year, you can upgrade to the next rental model. In other words, it’s the perfect formula for those who want to embrace technology without ties.

And you know what’s better? Samsung Care+ mobile insurance is included. Therefore, your mobile will be protected from damage due to breakage, oxidation and accidental theft. You don’t have to worry about anything!

Why is the Galaxy Z Fold4 so special?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is more than just memory! Added to its capabilities is an exclusive foldable format that combines the convenience of a compact smartphone that can be used with one hand with the performance of a tablet when expand your incredible 7.6″ screen. Thus, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is a foldable mobile phone that grabs everyone’s attention with its design that knows no boundaries.

Thanks to its foldable format, this device Can be used both closed and unfolded, making it ideal for watching videos or photos, working or even playing games in widescreen mode. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, your tablet screen can be in your pocket.

And it doesn’t stay there. It also has a fantastic camera with the best features and exclusive features, multitasking system for using up to three applications simultaneouslyS Pen compatibility and IPX8 waterproof certification, plus other incredible features that will leave you speechless.

This summer, get your Galaxy Fold4 smartphone and unleash its potential to enjoy the screen of your pocket tablet. And if you need more storage, pre-order the 1TB version exclusively from

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