Star AS 209, ALMA semi-telescope in Chile

Груа исследователей з наса совместно солегами з европейского космического аентQU’UL ддала вающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающающеся о Им удалось найти великолепную планету в нашей Галактике. By cosmic standards, this world is incredibly young and is just beginning to develop. Cheny, not without reason, believes that his side izeniya will help to find important questions? discovery is a chance to look into the past, and it will be used to the fullest.

According to preliminary estimates, the age of the planet is 1.5 million years. For comparison, the age of the Earth is estimated at 4 billion years. Complementing the need for data analysis is the powerful Atacama Large Millimeter telescope based in Chile. The margin of sensitivity of the wading is enough to raise the p p, There is no doubt that this world is just beginning its formation.

This can be said about the fact that the star As 209, Riteyskaya do oo o o o o o o o o o o d Such conditions are ideal for the formation of objects of a future star system. In addition, comparable “youth” shone with the activity of restraining immobilization.

However, mining is the secret of the universe is still far away. There are currently more questions than answers. Cosmologists have already drawn attention to such oddity as the significant removal of the baby planet. sun.

Source: Tech Cult

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