A study by the Invoca platform, which analyzes the work of support services, showed that 76% of customers are willing to reject the company’s services if they encounter a negative experience with brand representatives.

Negative experience with brand representatives deprives companies of 76% of customers

Among the main reasons for not making purchases, the majority of respondents still point to the high cost of goods and services, but communication with employees is also important.

Customers are unwilling to continue shopping with companies facing long call wait times, multiple employee turnover, or misconduct by customer service professionals.

Rude managers deprive the company of about 59% of customers, “hanging up” (waiting) when they call: 58%, also changing 58%.

At the same time, 63% of respondents say that they can pay even more for services or products if they are offered a better customer experience.

Customer data collection systems play an important role in this: modern consumers are already used to the fact that the company already has information about them.

For example, when calling a support service, 85% of customers expect an employee to already have at least the simplest data about them (customer name, purchase history, etc.).

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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