The Russian presidential administration, represented by the first deputy chief Sergei Kiriyenko, the father of VK CEO Vladimir Kiriyenko, is negotiating with Arkady Volozh to get Yandex out of the “unfriendly” Netherlands. According to Bloomberg sources, Volozh is willing to give up his stake in the company, but with conditions.

The presidential administration is negotiating the removal of “Yandex” from the “unfriendly” Netherlands

Three sources familiar with the situation told Bloomberg that negotiations are only under way to get Yandex out of the Netherlands and not address the issue of changing the company’s ownership.

Arkady Volozh, noted Bloomberg, is willing to give up his stake in Yandex in exchange for retaining intellectual property rights. He will help develop business abroad: Bloomberg has focused on the development of drones and cloud technologies, which can be carried out by 10% of Yandex employees located abroad.

Representatives of the Kremlin and Yandex, in response to a request, did not provide Bloomberg with comment on the situation. The head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Alexei Kudrin, is known to act as an intermediary in the negotiations; his rep declined to comment.

After the imposition of sanctions, Arkady Volozh decided to leave the board of directors and the post of CEO of the Yandex group of companies. Volozh intends to appeal the sanctions, the Yandex press service reported. Later it became known about the possible relocation of Yandex to Israel; the company said this was not discussed.


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