Alexey De-Monderik, co-owner and member of the board of directors of Kaspersky Lab, left all positions in the company and sold his share in it. De-Monderic created Kaspersky Lab together with Evgeniy and Natalia Kasperskaya and Vadim Bogdanov in 1997.

Kaspersky Lab co-founder left the company and sold his shares for $50 million

Alexey De-Monderik in July 2022 signed an agreement to sell his 6.3 million shares of Kaspersky Labs Limited, RTVI writes with reference to documents from the British register of legal entities.

The company itself acted as the buyer, the deal amounted to $50 million.

“Aleksey De-Monderik has left the company and the board of directors. By agreement of the parties, the company repurchased its shares. Mr. De-Monderic is not involved in the company’s activities,” Kaspersky Lab’s press service told the publication. De Monderic himself did not answer questions.

The lawyers interviewed by RTVI believe that the current political situation, the risk of losing Maltese citizenship and falling under EU sanctions could be one of the reasons why De-Monderik sells the Kaspersky Lab papers.

From the data of the British registry it follows that after De-Monderik’s departure from the capital of Kaspersky Labs Limited, Evgeny Kaspersky retains 91.8% of the company (53.9 million shares), Vadim Bogdanov – 8.1% (4.7 million) and 0.1% (1 thousand) – from Tatyana Shifon (formerly Deputy Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab).

The entire company, including the settlement amount with De-Monderic, is now valued at $515.5 million.


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Source: RB

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