As the fifth generation mobile phone, 5G will be responsible for delivering a host of new applications and uses for businesses and consumers. Brazil, in particular, will be able to benefit from the new technology.

After all, it’s not just in terms of consumption. But above all, as an innovation agentIn the development of solutions that can elevate Brazil to the level of intellectual property producer based on 5G architecture.

Organizations must be ready to adopt this new technology, 5G will revolutionize the business environment and the way companies manufacture. This technology will change the relationship between businesses and consumers.

It will play an important role in making operations more efficient with its income and revenue generation potential, and this will change the dynamics of the sector.

According to a study commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, the search for software solutions from the new mobile network in various fields, Potential to generate R$101 billion in the next ten years For companies operating in Brazil.

This will be relevant and will create a number of opportunities for our country to become an important player in the development of new solutions and products. Fantastic, isn’t it?

What are the effects of 5G on Brazilian companies?

5G has come to connect the world in a way that makes processes easier in every way.

One of the main impacts of 5G on companies will be to increase the use of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The fast connection offered will enable the devices used in the working environment to be connected to each other. As well as enabling companies to control all their vehicles and devices in a practical, remote and intelligent way.

Combined with the IoT, 5G will be able to provide information about bottlenecks and system failures. Well, companies’ Information Technology (IT) team will be able to act in advancerepair the problem without damage.

On the other hand, in most cases it will be necessary to update the toolkit and also maintain an IT team that can think of new ways to use existing technological resources.

In this scenario, outsourcing It is a very interesting alternative for companies that do not want to miss the timing of adopting these innovations.

Without an immediate payment, it is possible to modernize the structure and have a team focused on the management of this existing equipment, freeing IT specialists for activities that are more in line with the company’s activities.

Another advantage of this business model is that at the end of the equipment lifecycle, the service provider is responsible for the correct disposal or recycling of equipment.

Add to this the delicate economic moment and the fragility of the global supply chain. All these points reinforce the advantages of using rather than having.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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