RB goes on to talk about the main events for business: the EC revealed the conditions for unfreezing Russian investments, Henkel decided to sell a business in Russia, IKEA completed an online sale and other events on August 16.

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Henkel decides to sell assets in Russia, IKEA completes sale: main business news August 16


  • Microsoft announced a cyber threat from Russia targeting NATO countries. Seaborgium’s cyberattacks include phishing operations, credential and information theft, hacking, and data publishing to form an information image in certain countries.


  • The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced the transition to domestic software of some companies and state departments.


  • The European Commission has revealed the conditions for unfreezing Russian investments. Experts warned that even if there are clear criteria for an agreement, it will be difficult to reach an agreement.


  • German detergent and cleaning product maker Henkel has put its Russian and Belarusian assets up for sale. The company lost 184 million euros due to the withdrawal of both countries.
  • IKEA has completed online sales. The shopping cart, shopping list and personal account on the company website are no longer available. IKEA stores will remain closed and will only be open for the issuance of completed orders, as well as for the return and exchange of merchandise. Orders will be delivered in August-September.
  • Sberbank changed the name of the smart device developer – SberDevices was renamed SalyutDevices in July. The bank explains the decision by expanding its product portfolio, but Kommersant sources admit the possibility of selling the unit, which due to sanctions has had problems accessing foreign technologies and components.
  • Denis Kotov, co-owner of the Chitay-gorod-Bukvoed network, bought the Individuum and Popcorn Books publishing houses.


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