Sber opened sales of smart speakers under its own brand. A complete Sber Boom model costs 11,990 rubles, its compact variation Sber Boom mini costs 3,990 rubles.

Sber opened sales of Sber Boom and Sber Boom mini smart speakers

Sber smart speakers can already be purchased in the SberDevices online store, on January 31 they will be sold in markets, branded stores and part of Sberbank branches.

The output power of the Sber Boom audio system is 40 watts. The speaker has a tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver with passive radiators. According to the manufacturer, the speaker provides 360-degree sound without sound distortion, depending on the location of the listener.

The power of Sber Boom mini is 5W, but this version uses similar principles as the full version, which will provide balanced sound, Sber said.

Both models have a built-in Salyut voice assistant, which integrates with the smart home system. Through the column, you can give a command, for example, close the curtains and turn off the lights. Two speakers can be used as a stereo pair, where they will be responsible for the left and right audio channels.

A so-called “noise detector” is built into the speakers, which reacts to user-defined sounds, such as a crying baby or murmur of water. The column will send a fragment of the recording to the user through the cloud so that he can decide his future actions: return home or ignore.

At the first stage of sales, buyers of smart speakers will be presented with a Sber A60 lamp, with which you can control the level of lighting using your voice.


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