Still having problems from China for Apple. Electricity comes and goes, making the production of new iPads. It’s happening in Sichuan province, southeast of the Asian country, where drought has reduced the production capacity of power plants (which, as we’ve seen, often don’t cope well with heat waves).

When the generating capacity of the plants declined, the authorities had no choice but to ration the electricity. Translated: the province has ordered several black outcausing the many factories in the area, including those of Apple’s partners, to temporarily close.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, energy crisis of Sichuan threatens to jeopardize the success of the launch of the new iPads scheduled for October. Vendors experience significant delays, which can lead to long delivery times for deliveries during the early weeks of the launch of Apple’s new tablets. Apple will present the new ones in the fall iPad Pro with M2 chip and a ‘basic’ iPad with a completely new design.

The frequent power outages mainly concern the factories in Chengdu and Chongqing respectively of the Foxconn and Compal, two of Apple’s major partners. “At the moment”, the analyst corrects himself, “however, it is very difficult to estimate the impact of the crisis on production”. The emergency could last at least until August 20.

Source: Lega Nerd

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