The Association of Air Transport Operators has requested the Ministry of Transport to allow airlines to legally transfer components from one plane to another to operate the fleet under sanctions. In Russia, now the legislation does not regulate the scrapping of aircraft, although in the world this is a standard and regulated procedure.

Russian airlines ask to legalize the scrapping of aircraft for spare parts

The association proposed to consolidate the “cannibalization” of aircraft through changes to the March government decree on the characteristics of licensing activities in Russia in 2022 and its aviation part, Izvestia writes with reference to the AEVT appeal.

When withdrawing a part, an expiration date must be issued for it, a suitability and condition analysis must be carried out. The component itself will need to be re-evaluated and tested after re-installation on another aircraft. In addition, the association proposed to allow the rearrangement of components between aircraft of different airlines.

Smartavia said that they do not have aircraft that have not been able to pass the ITV due to lack of spare parts. S7 Airlines also stated that they have no donor cars. Red Wings said that the airworthiness of its fleet is being successfully maintained without such drastic methods and that the company does not resort to decommissioning.

The Ministry of Transportation, according to the source of the publication, began to prepare the permits for this procedure. They may come into force in early spring 2023.


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Source: RB

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