Kugoo continues to roll out scooters of all classes, shapes and sizes, but in this one I came across a special one in the form of the Kugoo Kirin HX Plus.

This large and beautiful beast hides a second battery with a noticeable lack of noise, and in general an outdoor cyberpunk scooter with its light but brutal design, carved edges, narrow steering base and stealth wings on wheels.

Below I think how it is customary to ride, whether the minimalistic set of buttons interferes, how well the motor draws unusual power and why a removable battery will seem indispensable.


Kirin HX Plus belongs to the top class scooters of the middle class urban scooter.

It does not require serious tuning, but all its characteristics indicate that the purchase of funds will not limit its rider in terms of speed, mileage, handling, time and ease of payment within the framework of safe movement.

▪️ maximum speed: 30 km/h
▪️ Power reserve: 40 km
▪️ Engine Power: 249 Watts
▪️ Battery: 540 Wh (two of 270 Wh)
▪️ Charging time: up to 12 hours
▪️ Brake: front regenerative (electronic) + rear disc
▪️ maximum load: 100 kg
▪️ Wheels: 9 inches
▪️ Ground clearance: 10cm
▪️ Unfolded dimensions L/W/H: 118/19/49 cm
▪️ Weight: 20 kg

Sporty edges with thoughtful details

Top power port

The scooter differs from the larger brutal steering axle with an elegant but strong clearance under the steering wheel. From the front, it looks unexpectedly narrow, but reveals its entire width, emphasizing the diamond shape.

This column consists of three elements: a thick monolithic base, in the center of the compartment for the second battery, and on top of the power controller with a metal frame in front and two tubes from the side of the district.

Such a design should be ideal: the second battery is frame rigidity, and you can’t ride without it, and the controller must be well cooled, therefore it is located in the workspace. Don’t: it’s hidden under a thick layer of ribbed metal to absorb heat dissipation and keep moisture out.

Large wings keep spray out

I really liked the underfoot coverage.

The ‘masculine’ Kugoo Kirin HX Plus enhances the sharpness and feel of the aerodynamic edges on the metal wheel fenders and deck. As for the alloy wheels on the front wheel, which include a drive motor, and a beautiful, energetic tread pattern.

A powerful aluminum arc that connects the deck and the steering wheel is striking, I have never seen such a scooter.

The rubberized foot pad features a geometric print. Although it quickly becomes covered with dust, it can be easily and quickly found. There are small rubber inserts on the sides so as not to scratch the metal with asphalt if you want to lay the scooter sideways.

There is a nice support under the foot

Charging port at the top of the steering frame. The first time I see such a solution, and it is convenient. First, do not constantly bend down to the deck. Secondly, there is no need to mess around with a valve that is always dirty from the ground and splashes.

Steering wheel without turns and frills: right throttle with power / gear shift / headlight activation button, minimalistic screen in the center, headlight itself, left brake lever.

The handles use a nice ribbed rubber that is comfortable to hold on to, but they are not the thickest – long fingers rest on the palm. You can’t lay down the steering wheel, keep this in mind when planning luggage space in the car.

Moisture protection is mostly mechanical. The drive wire is visible from above the controller and around the steering area, in the first case from the detection of the sensor by a rubber gasket, and in the second by a large movable cuff. Under it, depreciation is not hidden, the front wheel only works on its own chamber in the tire.

But on the rear wheel there is quite a serious suspension that balances bumps, pits, stones and other road irregularities. It is tightly hidden under the wing, so it is invisible at first glance.

Ride is stable, smooth and fast

The brake and gas handles have gradations when they meet. This means that speed and deceleration will show up in proportionate force, which is handy when maneuvering through crowds and works as a responsive system overall.

The tandem of long braking at the front and mechanical braking at the rear allows you to slow down at a comfortable speed, there will be no expected braking distance.

For example, one morning on the way to work, I did not notice a speed bump in the yard in time, I fully pressed the lever and hit it in time.

And in the evening, on a new road for me, I did not immediately see that there was no exit after the high curb. Fast but gentle deceleration does not crash at full forward speed.

The front spotlight is very bright

Taillight flashing right on the brake lever

The display shows how firmly you press the brake

Kugoo Kirin HX Plus accelerates without sharp shocks and drawdowns. There is a slight delay for smooth movement. The motor starts to work somewhere at a speed of 5 km / h, that is, after walking speed. If accidentally touched, the handle will not fall off.

At higher speeds, it smoothly, measuredly, but quickly gains its 30 km / h, after which it limits itself. This means that the power reserve allows you to maintain maximum performance, and on the hills there are no problems with self-climbing with a rider on the deck. During testing in all transitions and ramps, I never had to walk on my own.

The display shows the speed, battery charge, start and driving mode from the first time. In contrast to the rather dim display, the headlight is bright. You yourself saw that in the zenith cloudless sun the camera easily caught its light.

The rear signal works when writing to the brake. It can be easily seen in the dark.

It is better to move around the city on wheels

The scooter folds up. This is done through the lever with its aluminum ring: first you need to cut it due to pulling up the clothespin, and gently pull it towards you.

To return the Kirin HX Plus in good condition, the lever is pushed down, after which the steering frame is lifted up. We heard a click, put the lever into the safety pin – and go ahead.

I ran into stairways all over the place.

To roll the scooter up the ramp, you need to stand as far as possible from the rear wheel and, as it were, push the vehicle up. The point is either in the angle of inclination, or in the center of gravity, which differ from those present.

Raise the Kirin HX Plus when folded with both hands. Due to the fact that the steering base is quite wide, a one-handed grip can be uncomfortable.

How the second battery works

There is a handy bag hook on the rider side of the frame. At the same time, this is a latch that needs to be lifted to pull out an additional battery.

Without this battery, the scooter will not move because the handlebars will not have enough support. But it can be charged separately from the scooter if there is no outlet next to it.

The set already has a special docking station, it is connected to the main wire with a power supply. The battery, regardless of composition, stands straight and firm in it. I do not advise you to put it on the floor, if you have a sick or sick person – they will fall down, and it can hurt.

Putting it in the docking station is wrong, because the asymmetrical thread between the front and back of the battery will not allow it.

There are two use cases for this design. Or you need to recharge somewhere, but there are no outlets near the scooter. Or you buy a second wire with a power supply and charge the scooter in 4 hours using two batteries.

By the way, therefore, there are two charge scales on the display. When the top battery is removed, the top one flashes.

With normal filling through the port in the scooter, both batteries are charged at the same time.

A brutal beast that carries reliably

Kirin HX Plus doesn’t just look serious, it looks proud. And not just like that.

Of its shortcomings, I will note only a dull glow in bright sunlight and a glow unsuitable for carefree carrying. In the folded state, you need to carry it with two hands, and with one in the unfolded position, only athletes with marked forearms can lift it onto the curb.

That being said, there are many obvious side effects in the scooter that are very important.

Beautiful. Strict features are emphasized not only by faceted inserts on the wings and rubberized stylish deck, but also by the obligatory metal construction.

Rides smoothly. The shock absorber on the rear wheel softens the bumps in the road, the old asphalt turns into a smooth path, and the chamber wheels absorb shock.

Strong motor. Strikingly stretches on the rise, smoothly, but quickly accelerates to 30 km / h, keeps the speed.

Control. One button to turn on, lights and gear changes, brake and throttle levers with gradations allow you to instantly adjust to the features of the road.

Easy to fold. The mechanism is extremely simple and does not require results. The lever gently pulls towards itself when bent and is pliantly pressed when assembled, just as quickly snaps into place with a metal lock to control movement.

fast charging. By purchasing a second power supply with a wire, you will reduce the charging time, because the removable battery is easily removed and will be replenished by parallel detection in the deck.

Together, these features make the Kirin HX Plus a confident scooter for enjoyable and enjoyable city and park rides.

Scooter for sale:

• Brand store
• Citylink
• Online TREYD.RU

The price starts from 48,990 rubles.

It will take you where you need to, without requiring too much attention from the rider, but attracting glances with its solid and elegant appearance.

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