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These are the new features that Instagram is integrating into TikTok.


Instagram does not want to be left behind and understands that the current social media sector requires constant evolution. Apps like TikTok have taken the top spot among this and others due to the new features it includes and the many users it attracts.

That’s why they’re teaming up, and in the case of this social network, we’ve already seen how, given the great success of the short video format, Instagram launched Reels, its own alternative for creating and sharing this type of content. . In addition, he announced that he would be blocking TikTok videos on Reels.

Now the novelty arrives twice. They have announced that they are going to add a number of new features including a new way to create videos from previously published stories that will allow you to share them on both Instagram and Facebook.

According to PhoneArena, the purpose of all this is facilitate the use of content and be able to share it without any problems. Adam Mosseri, head of the platform, tweeted the news: “We’re rolling out some new Reels features to make it fun and easy for people to discover and share more interesting content.”Explain.


TikTok, the app with more downloads than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

As for how we can use these features, it’s quite simple as with the click of a button, it will allow users to post reels from Instagram to Facebook. Posting cutscenes from previous stories makes it just as easy.

Apart from these two features, they also highlight the novelty that comes from the well-known “Add Your Own”. This sticker that you can add to your stories and is such a big success because it allows you to add an image of the presented task or topic, it will now also be included in Instagram and Facebook videos.

With all of this on the table, the company is committed to recovering users and continuing to improve their experience. New features are already available to users around the world, so they are expected to arrive very soon.

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