Researchers at the Finnish Meteorological Institute have published new calculations that support the American Geophysical Compound’s findings that our planet’s warming rate is uneven. The main problem is the Arctic zone, which is warming up much faster than others. The previous estimate gave a difference of 2-3 times, but according to new information, a a a a a b p p.

One of the authors of the study, Rantanen, said that in the period from 1979 to 2021, there will be hell, tr, prr,, t. There are several reasons for such phenomena. Firstly, the melting of ice on an insignificant part of the reflecting surface and whether it quickly heats up the heat of fire. Secondly, among the scientists there is still a litter that it is exactly hhh t hh h h h h h h.

This discovery is called sinister. On the one hand, it showed that contrasting climate models and an assessment of the state of the Earth . On the other hand, the overheating of the Arctic obviously does not bode well for the planet and humanity. It’s not clear what in the next bem we will see growing Stalin climate.

Source: Tech Cult

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