Internet Search and T.Hunter companies have developed a service to search for a specific Telegram user account using an IP address. You can identify a person by collecting big data, requests from individual users.

In Russia, they learned how to find Telegram users by IP address

In a second, there can be up to hundreds of users on an IP address. To identify one of them, you need to filter unnecessary information, for example, other regions, data about the end devices from which you access the network, information about the operating system and which site you visited, Igor Bederov, head of Internet search. he told Runet.

According to the expert, most sites store logs, that is, they see data about the user’s device, connection, IP address, etc. At the moment, 64 different data sources are connected to the search service for a person’s account on Telegram by IP.

To search for people, they receive data from several dozen “owned sites”, and for more than a year they have been collecting digital traces of Telegram with reference to the user, explained Vladimir Makarov, OSINT researcher at T.Hunter.

The service has data on more than 6 million people. And by entering the IP address in the search system, you can find a specific person.

In 2022, Telegram was among the top five most downloaded apps in the world and the number of active users of the messenger exceeded 700 million people per month.

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Source: RB

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