Huawei stores in Russia do not sell smartphones, laptops and other goods displayed on windows. This was reported by Kommersant.

Shops in Moscow Afimolla, Aviation Park and Gagarinsky are open to visitors, but most price tags are written “not for sale” or “demo-kind”. Similarly, points of view work in Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen.

According to the Huawei website, in Russia there are 13 stores of famous brands. I will crap and the JUPR.

In the SEASONS trading gallery in Moscow is the Huawei store under the control of Volga LLC. On the company’s website, it is called authorized, not branded. There is no ban on selling in this store, you can buy any device.

To the point: Huawei hides its branded (branded) stores in Russia

The Huawei technique does not depend on the measured imports, so there can not be much demand in stores. Huawei sellers confirmed that deliveries for parallel imports are impossible.

The problem with sales may be distributed to the trial between Premium Retail LLC and Huawei representation (technical companies of Huai). “PREMIAIMRIOL.” Zadolzhennosti with UpRawnEneemagasinami. Huawei listed the premium to the body of the body, after which the plaintiff of the voice for the full interest of 98.6 thousand Rrueb. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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