Wildberries “Berries” arrived at Rospatent. The market has officially applied for trademark registration. Wildberries told RB that they decided to keep the name so that no one else would trademark it.

Wildberries “Berries” received by Rospatent

Wildberries’ application for the registration of Berries is listed on Rospatent under number 2022756094. The application was received on August 15 and published on August 17. The applicant is Wildberry LLC.

“In order to prevent registration of this name by unrelated individuals and companies, after a marketing campaign we decided to secure it for ourselves,” Wildberries told RB.RU.

Wildberries changed the name of the site to Berries on August 15. A few hours after the news was known, the company said that “they do not confirm, but do not deny the possible name change” and added that “Berry” is part of a marketing campaign.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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