The SBOL application appeared in the App Store for iOS devices, which allows you to carry out transactions in Sberbank.

SBOL appeared on the App Store to replace the Sberbank app that was removed due to sanctions

The abbreviation “SBOL” was previously used as an abbreviation for “Sberbank Online”. Access to the application is possible by card number. Sberbank clients have access to full functionality, which is actually copied by Sberbank Online.

The developer of the application is Open IT Solutions LLC (LLC Open IT-Solutions). The company was incorporated on February 18, 2022.

“Sberbank recommends using the Open IT Solutions application to customers who own Apple devices that do not yet have the Sberbank Online application installed. Our most popular banking services are now available to app users, it is safe and available for download in the App Store,” a Sberbank representative told RB.RU.

Customers who have the Sberbank Online application installed do not need to uninstall it, it works as usual.

  • The Sberbank Online mobile application on the iOS platform is not available for download and update in the App Store due to sanctions since April 12. All pre-installed applications work, there are no restrictions on their use.
  • On April 13, Google also removed the Sberbank mobile app from the Google Play store.


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Source: RB

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