New sensation on Instagram and also on TikTok, random photo it’s nothing more than a collage with some overlapping photos. Numerous celebrities like Jade Picon have already joined flow is the one with the greatest success.

And if you think this wave is hard to come by, know that you are totally wrong! The step-by-step is super simple. With this in mind, we decided to teach you.

Take a look at this!

How to “Random Photo” trend and rock on Instagram?

As mentioned above, we will teach you how to do it. Overlay images to create a fun and animated video. Ah, finally, don’t forget to select the song “Move Your Feet”by the Danish duo Junior Senior. FThere’s all the difference – believe me!

  1. The first step is to download the CapCut application. iOS and android;

  2. Click “Template” and look for “Random Photo” at the top;


  1. Select the first icon, Which is the original video? flowclick and click “Use Template” at the bottom right of the screen;


  1. If you’re new to the CapCut app, allow your photos to be shared;

  2. Choose the photos and videos you want – each image will be on the screen for 0.3 seconds, so you need a lot of photos, 31 in total;

  3. After that, go ahead and click “view”;


  1. Finally, click on the “Export” option in the upper right corner and that’s it, you can start sharing on your social network.

So, what did you think about education? Pretty easy, right? Keep following TecMundo for this and other steps!

Source: Tec Mundo

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