Regulatory authorities have approved the first ever treatment for beta thalassemia, which detects damaged red blood cells, so patients need continuous blood transfusions. Even urs lung therapist zinteglo is fighting for $2.8 million, but it will help compare with n n n n s s

The principle of Zynteglo is based on the fact that the patient’s bone marrow is removed, and then certain genes are modified using genetic engineering. The edited tapholes are then returned back to the patient’s Eve, where it begins fully> accurately. The procedure is not simple, but the effect is fixed until the end of life, which is confirmed in 89% of cases.

One of the problems with using Zynteglo is the increased risk of genome disease cases, but research has shown that it benefits from detecting cases of dangerous diseases. The shitty sophistication of the application is tempered by the exorbitant price of the method, which is why with n n n n What heals people becomes a problem for the body.

Bluebird bio, a drug developer, has established a cost estimate for its costs and the cost of treating patients with beta thalassemia in the classical way. In the same US, there are no more than 1300-1500 people with such purchases, which include blood transfusions of up to $6.4 million during their lifetime. With regular payments over the coming years, this is not a burning issue with the line. unacceptable for them even with the expected installment plan. Because of this, gene therapy is not available in Europe. year.

Source: Tech Cult

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