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8 mistakes to avoid when buying a used console


Due to the lack of stocks of consoles, sales of this type of used devices have increased today.

The problem is that many people want to buy the latest generation of consoles, they are not used to buying in this type of market and make mistakes that can end up being decisive in the long run.

Everything that we will tell you about today will help you avoid making certain mistakes that can lead to problems in the future with the purchase of a device that will definitely not be cheap.

This data will be used for new generation consoles, as well as other types of consoles that are older, as we will be talking about this type of device in general, and not focusing on any particular model.

In this article, we want you to get a console that works properly and that there are no problems caused by a seller who has bad intentions towards us, wanting to sell us a product that does not fit or that is outright damaged.

Console Purchase Mistakes

Everything we are talking about now will be mistakes we make when we go to buy a used consolebut they can also serve as advice so that you do not have any problems when purchasing this type of device.

We must proceed from the fact that it will not be a completely cheap product, especially if we want to buy a product of the latest generation, which means that the precautions that we must take must be even more serious, if possible.

read review

view console

Many of the consoles that are being sold online right now can be bought over long distances from users who don’t live near us.

This can cause problems at first, as the best thing to do would be to be able to see the console before buyingall the more so as not to be surprised by bumps or damage that may be hidden in photographs posted on used sites.

For this reason, it’s best to try to have the console we’re about to buy sold by someone close enough to where we live so we can see it and make sure it doesn’t have any problems.

Not looking for someone nearby is a mistake many people make, simply because it takes longer to find them.

Console images

If you are not near us, we should never trust the pictures that appear on the websiteone of the most commented failures.

we should always request different snapshots which we have already commented, and even from parts that we think may be sensitive, such as USB or HDMI connectors.

We might even ask him to make us console pics with a game that we think is appropriate to check if there are any problems with the image you send us.

Front view of two PS5 models

Never advance

Continuing the case in which we are going to buy a console from someone who is not near where we live, that we should never do this advance send us the console.

If we make a previous payment, it may happen that we don’t receive the exact console we bought, or that the package never arrives. That’s why it’s normal that the seller always gets the money as soon as we get the console.

A good way to keep a seller safe is to have Payment on delivery, but with the right to open the package before payment. This will allow us to reject the shipment if it does not match what we agreed to receive.

secure payment

If we decide to pay before receiving the console, it must always be done legally, i.e. there is proof that we made this payment and why we did it.

If we make one bank transfer in the concept we must clearly indicate that it is for the sale of this devicewhile the safest way would be to use payment processors such as PayPal.

remember, that if you are sending money via PayPal, you must always do so with an indication that it is a purchasesince there are many buyers who want money sent to them as if they were a friend to get rid of the interest that the web would take.

If we are sending money as if it were a friend, we must be clear that PayPal is not going to protect said purchase as we have not indicated anywhere that it is money from a sale.

gaming monitor

Additional Information

try console

In case we buy a console from someone in our city, we should try try the console before you buy definitely. It is normal that we only see it from the outside and check if it has any damage, but the mistake is that we do not try to go further.

Obviously, if the person selling the console has nothing to hide or be afraid of, they will have no problem with us checking if the device is in good condition.

Perhaps in this case the problem lies in the logistics, i.e. the fact that it needs to be connected to the TV in order to know if it really works well or not, but if we manage to solve this problem, we will make sure that the money we are going to invest, we invest in a device that is really worth it.


Since we have a console, we must also look at the wearanother one of the things we usually don’t look at and that’s another one of the mistakes we usually make.

We have to look at all the connectors that are on the console to see that they are in perfect condition and that they do not have any internal damage, that is, it may be that everything is in order on the outside, but we must make sure that it does not no part or any contact of any of the connectors is missing.


To learn more


What is often overlooked ask the seller if he made any modifications to the consolesince such things may cause us problems in the long run or, if they were still under warranty, this fact means that we can no longer use them.

Obviously, the person selling the console might not be telling us the truth, but it’s our responsibility to at least try to be sure. If we have the console in our hands before purchasing it, we can try to conclude whether it was open or completely intact.

It is also true that in a very large percentage of cases, if an important modification has been made, it is common to talk about it, as it may increase the selling price, especially if everything is official.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are about to buy a console or any other technological device is to ask it’s still under warranty.

If the answer is yes, feel free to ask for documents to support this so that you can use it if necessary. But if the answer is no, many users dismiss console papers, thinking that they will not be useful to them.

You should always request all documentation you have for the device which we are going to buy, whether it is under warranty or not, as it is legal proof of your purchase and therefore a demonstration that we are not dealing with a stolen device.

If you don’t make these mistakes and follow the advice you just read, the chances of having a console in perfect condition and without any problems in the long run will be much higher.

Source: Computer Hoy

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