One of the innovations yet to arrive What’s up? although it was announced by the company a few months ago, Communities. These thematic groups, defined by the company itself, have not yet been distributed for use by users. But this has changed, albeit in a limited way, as some testers of the Android version are already able to use them.

This new option, which is highly anticipated as they are expected to gradually face the options available on Telegram that are giving them such good results, takes longer than expected. Not to forget, it was in April with the announcement that 2GB files can be shared when the firm that owns Meta said Communities are a reality and will soon happen in the app. One of the important steps has been taken for this: real tests.

What has WhatsApp enabled

As always with the way the company works, what happens is, trial version for android Communities are already enabled. Obviously, the checks are limited because there is no expected content load in them, but the operation can be verified to be correct. Also, check if the application is running. meets expectations.

Real interface of Communities on WhatsApp


The second is where the information is more specific for everyone, because it’s where the first notification page is posted for a real image of what the Communities look like on the first screen, and also to know what its function is. New option in WhatsApp app. In the first case, as expected. Communities icon placed in the leftmost tab of all, replacing the camera itself- And in the second, this new usage and its implications are included to clarify what is being sought. In short, it’s over.

Little can be done to already have communities

Since the activation is done from servers You will not be able to access the new function if the company decides that you are not one of the chosen ones to run the tests. And this is true even if you use the trial version for Android. So there is no choice but to wait… no more, no less.

And how much? Well, this is something that is not clear at all because as expected WhatsApp Communities widely used, of course, the company wants to do intensive checks of all the possibilities that users will have. Therefore, more than a few months are likely to pass…at least.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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