A few years ago, the video podcast scene began to conquer the world. YouTube and therefore the company is preparing a special page for similar content. According to website information 9to5GoogleThe company started to provide page for users to explore podcasts on the platform.

Rumors pointed out that Google has been preparing a dedicated page for some time, and since the end of July, the feature has been available to some selected users. In Brazil, only the popular Error 404 is displayed when accessing the ‘youtube.com/podcasts’ landing page, but there is a filter on the homepage that displays only podcasts-related content.

The new functionality also has some carousel types to display different content such as “Top Episodes”, “Recommended”, “Popular Podcast Creators” among other categories.


YouTube podcasts

Presumably, the Google Podcasts app will be integrated into the new feature instead of the company offering a single app for such content. Or Google will keep both options for users to listen to podcasts on different services.

Material leaked in March revealed that the company is working on a dedicated YouTube podcast page. Google may be trying to stay one step ahead as the format has gained worldwide popularity in recent years and Spotify has started offering video podcasts as well.

Source: Tec Mundo

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