In the last few minutes, several gunshots have been heard near the Bogota Council. Apparently it was the reaction of some escorts in the middle of a confusing incident with a red vehicle.

District council spokesmen told EL TIEMPO that the incidents took place on 34th Street, “At around 8:40, three gunshots were heard very close to here.”

Bogota’s mayor, Claudia López, reported that a vehicle hit another person belonging to a guarded person and fled. “They were persecuted because it’s not normal for someone to run away by a simple accident,” he said.

One of the guards members fired into the air to force the escapees to stop. “I ordered that the incident, the runaway, and the shooter be investigated. The life of the protected person was never at risk. He wasn’t even in the crashed vehicle,” López said. Failure to fire, albeit from the air, has nothing to do with containment protocols to stop a vehicle due to impact and instead causes great concern to the residents for whom we have presented this explanation and excuses. unrest”.

A large number of police teams came to the scene to clarify the events. The only version the Bogota Metropolitan Police has ever received, It was a traffic accident.

“A vehicle belonging to the safety plan of Mr. Zúñiga, a member of the Communes political party, was hit by a Mazda whose driver was trying to flee. Patrol Officer Alejandro Guillón García fired his gun at the ground as a warning to stop the flight. The police report noted that there were no casualties at the scene. ‘ it was said.


Source: Exame

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