Binance Head of Communications Patrick Hillmann revealed that he was targeted by cybercriminals who used deep fake technology to impersonate him. In a statement released Wednesday (17), the executive said: gscammers deceived representatives of cryptocurrency projects interested in being listed on the broker.

According to Hillmann, the cybercriminals relied on his televised images and interviews to create a “hologram” very close to his true identity. The image created with the help of artificial intelligence was used in meetings with executives in the cryptocurrency market via Zoom video calls.

“This deep fraud has been cured enough to fool several members of the highly intelligent cryptocurrency community,” the exchange official wrote. However, he pointed out that some physical features, such as the 15 kg he “gained” after contracting Covid-19, were missing in the assembly and helped detect fraud.

The Binance representative also said that he discovered his image was used in the scam only after receiving messages from deceived people thanking him for the possible opportunity for their product to be listed on the exchange. In response, she said she didn’t know them or was involved in any company-organized listing process.

Scammers want prepayment

those responsible Deepfake Scam by Binance’s Chief Communications Officer asked for money from token representatives who were interested in keeping their products on the exchange. Using the fake image of the manager, they claimed that the advance payment was necessary to speed up the process.

There is no information on how many companies have been defrauded or whether their representatives have paid any cybercriminals. Regarding the listing process, Hillmann noted that it is carried out only through the broker’s official app and includes a rigorous analysis of the requirements with no shortcuts to speed up control.

The director also recalled other recent scams that used the technique where hackers impersonated representatives of Binance itself and companies such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and asked companies to report anyone offering the opportunity to list on the exchange. Complaints can be made on the broker’s support page.

Source: Tec Mundo

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