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The social network that wanted to take down Twitter finally has an official app on the Play Store.


Social networks are unstable, and, in fact, what remains at the top at the moment are those that appeared at the right time for users to bet on them. Actually, Twitter and Instagram have been with us for several years now, and it seems like they have always been around..

But what happens to social networks that compete with existing ones? Then actually no one remembers them.but it also has to do with how they were presented to users and, above all, how they tried to integrate on a general level.

Twitter has had competitors for a few years now and it’s called Mastodon.. It is possible that this social network sounds familiar to you, because it was born out of an attempt to achieve a kind of Twitter, but completely decentralized. At its launch, one could see that a certain sector of the society showed interest.


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And, the main advantage of this social network is the fact that there is no censorship at the general level and, logically, there is no form of data collection by large companies. In the absence of this collection, there are no algorithms, no advertising. within the social network.

The social network is estimated to have about 4.4 million users, which means there is an app for Android mobile devices. And it turns out that today the way to login to the social network was through web browsing on android devices.

However, mobile terminals with the Cupertino operating system still had an official application. Now the situation has improved for users with Android mobile devices and finally the official app has appeared in the Play Store.

The truth is that it took a long time, and many Android device users may have gotten tired of waiting. Of course, if you’re a social media user, the truth is that you’re in luck as far as design and features are concerned; they have been implemented, as can be seen in the iOS app.

According to XDA, the app is now available for download on the Google App Store and is compatible with any device running Android version 6.0 and up. We leave you a direct download link so you don’t have to search for it in the Google app store.

Source: Computer Hoy

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