Use of sound Taking action in technology is becoming more and more common, and this is due to the work of companies like Amazon and Google. The first announced a new option for your assistant. AlexaThis may be exactly what gamers have been hoping for.

During the fair Gamescom The well-known online store in Germany announced the arrival of a new service in which its voice assistant plays an important role: Alexa Game Controller. And yes, that’s exactly what you’re reading about, because the idea that Amazon has is, voice commands in games to perform different actions. This could mean a turning point in the game world.

What is Alexa Game Control about?

From what is known from Amazon itself, the idea is that, game code Voice commands that can be used at different times of the games are integrated. And of course, the technology in the Alexa voice assistant will be used for this. It is interesting to note that the use of Echo speakers will not be necessary, as everything will be in the title used. So, with headphones microphoneEverything is set.

And what can be done with sound? Obviously, do not shoot or go from one side to the other, as this requires maximum precision and speed, but it will be possible to perform other actions. An example would be order the soldierssolve a riddle as a puzzle or turn on the computer you don’t need to press any key on keyboard or controller. Therefore, the task of Alexa Game Control, which can have huge applications as soon as developers bet on its use, is well thought out.

There is already a game to include this feature

While explaining the new idea that Amazon has, one of the games that will include the opportunity to use Alexa’s voice technology while playing games has also emerged. It’s going to happen Dead Island 2A game that is expected to arrive in early 2023. Therefore, the time when the functioning of Game Control can be seen is not far away and this will definitely be a turning point in the gaming world.

The development of this innovation is already active and advanced, there are even internal tests where tests are conducted. usability and reliability What Alexa Game Control offers (it is especially important that the response to commands be as fast as possible). But the truth is the idea looks very good and it would be normal for many game development companies to use this possibility in some of their titles to improve the experience you have (because it’s both simplicity and different).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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