Company Xiaomi it’s a box of surprises, and it looks like a new one, as intriguing as it is risky, is maturing. But that doesn’t exactly scare off the Asian firm, which is working to have a new brand on the market to accompany options like Redmi or POCO.

It’s not exactly a novelty that the company has launched what are known as sub-brands to cover certain niches much more efficiently (and, by the way, distract other brands as much as possible). In the case we are talking about, the source of information indicates that the idea was to introduce a new one that produces. phones and tablets. It’s nothing too crazy, but it might raise some doubts because there are already options like this on its network.

What would Xiaomi look for

Obviously, if you’re considering launching a new brand, the idea is to have as little competition as possible with the products it’s already launching. And given the aforementioned about the products, this may seem complicated. But it really isn’t. As far as is known, the idea would be to offer a product range to users who want to get a product first and foremost. pure android experienceSomething not possible with existing terminals that it launches as it uses MIUI customization.

Using the camera of the Xiaomi phone


The reason is obvious: terminals that offer exactly this in different markets like India have a lot of sales, and so the competition, like OnePlus or Google’s own Pixels, has a market share of the more interesting one. And frankly, Xiaomi wants to take it it’s part of the cake where there is nothing to do right now. And it would achieve this without giving up or putting pressure on brands like POCO. Knowing this idea, it doesn’t look so crazy.

The company already has previous experience

This is also an important thing, since it should be noted that at that time Xiaomi released terminals that integrated the Android One platform, and also quite successfully everything should be said. Therefore, with the corresponding improvements and always with the Google operating system, it will be to continue without touching anything. avoiding its presence as much as possible bloatware. In addition, it was known that the terminals would not be typical of the high range, as the first models with processors would have. Snapdragon 700e.g.

The above will allow devices to have maximum prices. about 320 euros, so it’s a perfect fit for competing in the mid-range. If the published ones are fulfilled, it will be great news that the new Xiaomi brand will be pure Android and non-Android. bloatware come Spain. There would certainly be many who would get the most interesting sales and seriously value their purchases.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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