The other day in HBO Max and Amediateka released the release of the first series of the series “House of the Dragon”. This is a prequel to the Game of Thrones story.

Not all viewers believe in the success of the novelty after the relative “failure” of the IP final, which not everyone liked. And in general, there were some questions about DD even before the release.

We have already reviewed the first series and are in a hurry to share our impressions. Is it worth watching and is there a chance of success? We understand.

Return to Westeros

The authors of the novelty decided to create a prequel to the main story.

What is the series about: Westeros. 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, one of the main characters of the Game of Thrones. On the Iron Throne sits Viserys the First, who has been ruling for 9 years.

He is waiting for the birth of an heir, but at the moment he has only a daughter. If the son is never born, then Daemon’s brother and Rainier’s daughter will claim the throne.

Traditionally, this situation does not bode well. Yes, and this happened to Viserys himself in the past: his chosen king instead of Princess Rhaenys, since the woman did not want to let him take the throne. Here are some cases of the opposite. Damon does not want to be allowed to take power because of his cruel nature. In the end, internecine conflict brews.

The plot as a whole retained the traditions of the original and the emphasis on those chosen for power and eternal intrigues – one of the things that fans loved at one time IP. At the same time, you can subscribe to that fragment of the history of the House of Targaryen, which tells about their rise and fall, the formation and peak of power. And also at a time when the dragons had not yet died out.

Speaking of the latter. There seem to be more of them here than in the Game of Thrones, and more emphasis will be placed on them. At the time of occurrence, as suggested by the first series. Dragons are complete real families Targaryenov even takes part in various ceremonies.

However, he suggested that the tone of the investigation differs from the original. From the very first minute, we are exposed to those more at risk of development instead of eternal depravity and betrayal at every step. But they don’t buy that the authors of the prequel have completely departed from the origins: there are enough crimes and sex here. All in the best traditions of IP.

The cast shows themselves as the acting side. All characters well developedand the actors really start acting with a wide range of emotions. What is only one Viserys. A feature is the presence of each alleged path of the alleged desires and development paths for which you can build an independent storyline. I hope that this will continue.

Thanks to a skilled screenwriter, the viewer is shown a whole storyline and two sides of the conflict with their truths and untruths in just an hour. Not everything is as clear as the results may be at first glance. And it’s even more poignant.

Of course, it was not without its downsides. They refer, rather, to a general feeling.

Strong roots are felt in everything

Yes, the new product has a strong base. George Martin left his mark here.

First, I would like to commend authenticity. The sets and costumes are recreated to a high standard, just like in Game of Thrones. Even the Iron Throne feels like a must with its hundreds if not thousands of blades.

Secondly, graphic arts. For all the money invested in it. Dragons are natural, and the special effects are implemented at a high quality level.

Third, here great production. For this, special thanks should be given to Miguel Sapochnik, who is responsible for entertainment in the Game of Thrones. Every frame is a delight to watch.

However, while the series not enough scale. There is a sense of intimacy. And this is only for the reason that only one family is affected, in connection with which we will have a large part of the participants.

Although the trailers promise bright locations in new colors. So let’s give the “House of the Dragon” a chance on this plane.

So far pretty good

It’s still too early to judge the entire series, but it’s safe to say that it laid the groundwork for a future story.

The characters are interesting, powerful (although she lacks something), the story is worked out and intriguing from the first minutes. Bright plans, good staging, but low scale – this is what I saw right now.

I think it will be even better. After all, the potential of the “House of the Dragon” is toy.

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