HE plexiglassA popular free streaming service based in the United States confirmed it’s suffering today (24). data leak that may have affected some sensitive information those registered on the platform. The company sends emails to users to report the problem.

Details about the malicious campaign were not disclosed, but the platform, which also works as an aggregator of streaming apps and personal media, has confirmed that data such as username, email address and passwords have been exposed. On the other hand, financial information such as credit card number could not be reached.

“Yesterday (23) we discovered suspicious activity in one of our databases. We immediately started an investigation and it seems a third party was able to access a limited subset of data including encrypted emails, usernames and passwords”, announced the company in the message sent to users.

According to Plex, card data and other financial information are not stored on its servers and therefore were not vulnerable. In a statement, the platform asked users to: reset your passwords nowas a precaution, in addition disable all connected devices invoice.

How to change Plex password

If you are a platform user, you can: change plex password easy and fast. First, go to the service’s website and click on the “Sign in” option in the upper right corner. Next, enter the currently used login data and go to the “Account Settings” option when logging into the account.

Now, click on “Security” and then hit “Password” to make the change. Remember to create a strong and secure code that is hard to crack, choosing not to use the same combination already registered on another platform or online service.

Also during the process enable two factor authentication To strengthen security, click on the specific option and enable it if you want. Another tip is to go to “Authorized Devices” and log out of all – soon it will be possible to reconnect using the new saved password.

Source: Tec Mundo

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