Apple has taken the final step to clarify the day the new phone lineup will arrive. iPhone 14 It’s going to be official And it did it as usual and posted a poster showing everything you need to know about it. And, as expected, there is surprise, as progress has been made over what happened last year.

So it will be the next day 7 September 10:00 (local time) When will the new smartphones of the Cupertino company be officially announced. That’s why recent leaks have marked a slight progression to what’s customary at Apple, and perhaps the most striking thing is that it’s a Wednesday that happened for the first time in history.

iPhone 14 will be the center of attention

Obviously, the highlight of the event will be the arrival of new phones that are expected to be released. four (two from the “normal” range and others that will belong to Pro). The most expensive will be the ones with big news like a new processor (A16 Bionic) and most likely a hole in the screen instead of a notch. Obviously, these models will already have the official version of iOS 16, which does not lag as development for the iPad. They are also expected to have 48MP cameras and functionality. always on screen -perhaps this is exclusive to the two best terminals of the new series-.

In addition, everything shows that smartphones will not come alone. Apple Watch Series 8 This will also be part of the game, which means that there will be a new smartwatch that will have interesting improvements, such as more power, more power. thermometerand more options for recognizing physical condition. In this case, everything points to two wearables, one of which will be called Pro, and will have improvements in design and connectivity.

Finally, it should be said that a new development is expected. iPadbut due to the delay in the development of iPadOS 16, this is finally won’t happen. In this way, it is thought that both tablets will be official at their own event in October, accompanied by a model from the Pro series.

How can the presentation be viewed?

Well, the forms will be the usual forms for a while. This means you can use AppleTV To access the iPhone’s presentation straightYou can also access an online player that will allow you to do the same on the company’s website on the same day of the event. Earlier we left you an all-day video element on September 7, which is already up and running.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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