I noticed that I don’t always go to the App Store. It can take a very long time to load, 2-3 minutes. often error occurs Failed to connect to the App Store.

Sometimes it goes away on its own if you set it up for installation several times. Repeat. But sometimes the problem does not go away with the watch. With the case in the same Wi-Fi network or the same carrier, the following problem is observed.

Gradually, our Telegram chat began to receive complaints from all over Russia. And so far they have not met: the past is the past back. Most complaints about home internet from Rostelecom and small providers using their network capacity.

Therefore, with this post I want to “formally” having such a problem. And I offer a couple of options for working methods for solving it.

one. Turn on the VPN. With a probability of 90% it will help you.

2. Change network. If you use mobile Internet, switch to any Wi-Fi. And vice versa.

Apple has confirmed nearly a dozen disparate issues with its servers and service reliability in recent days due to high load. But they did not comment specifically on this situation.

The main thing – do not panic. If Apple wanted to block our services, it would do it thoroughly, harshly and irrevocably. And now it looks more and more like a mistake or servers in Cupertino. Or problems with our providers.

Source: Iphones RU

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