At Def Con, they announced the O.MG Elite cable, which looks like a regular Lightning or USB-C cable, which can hack a device on different operating systems.

It can log key detections, carry out attacks, and even transmit data from devices over its own Wi-Fi network. An implant with a web server, USB connection and Wi-Fi access is built into the wire. Thus, it connects to the gadget, activates itself, and you can connect to it remotely.

This is what the cable looks like inside:

My development also contains a keylogger: if the cord is used to connect to the host machine, it can record individual sample scripts covering it and get up to 650,000 entries in its built-in storage for discovery detection. Your password? Registered. Bank account details? Registered. Drafts of tweets you didn’t want to send? Also registered.

— said the developer

The novelty can handle two-way requests: capture and read data that is transmitted via cable, perhaps between iPhone and Mac, or almost any other device options, since it is found in Lightning-USB-A, Lightning / USB-C, USB- C/USB-C and microUSB.

The creator of O.MG Elite said that his device costs from $180 (early access), while individual devices are usually estimated at $20,000. [The Verge]

Source: Iphones RU

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