Astrobotic says CubeRover will eventually go to the moon on the planned Astrobotic mission, where it will be tested on the lunar surface and transmitted via satellites.

“This mission has the potential to usher in a new era in robust lunar robotics, with instruments and payloads that can survive on the lunar surface for months or even years,” said Mike Provenzano, director of lunar surface systems at Astrobotic.

On the Moon, day and night change approximately every two weeks. The night on the Earth satellite is cold, so the temperature can reach -130 degrees Celsius. Astrobotic is trying to create lunar night thermal systems for rovers and landers to prevent their batteries and electronics from failing due to extreme weather conditions. CubeRover will be rated for 28 days on the lunar surface and will provide two weeks of overnight stays.

NASA is preparing to launch Artemis 1, the first of a series of missions aimed at returning humans to the moon for a permanent presence on it. The space agency plans to land a man and a woman near the moon’s south pole, where lowlands are constantly obscured by darkness.

Source: Ferra

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