This Thursday (25), Grupo Globo world game available to subscribers using streaming devices Fire TV, from Amazon. Consumers of all models sold in Brazil will now have access to the Globoplay service.

Globoplay said in a statement that the partnership aims to expand the access of Brazilian consumers to the company’s content and offer the same option to users across different platforms.

“Amazon is always trying to improve the service and functionality that its products offer to its customers. “The Globoplay catalog is of great value to Brazilian culture and we are delighted to offer this option to Fire TV customers in Brazil.”

A while ago, users of different Fire TV models asked Amazon that the Globoplay app was not available in the brand’s store. In February, an Amazon spokesperson stated that “there is no information on availability or availability date.” [do Globoplay]”.

In addition to bringing licensed international movies and TV series, Globoplay also has an extensive catalog of Globo’s national productions. Some of the highlights of the platform are soap operas and local journalistic content, as well as reality shows like BBB.

Source: Tec Mundo

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